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Meet The Team

Get to know the faces behind I Care 4 Your Pets! We're a dedicated team of animal lovers, each contributing a unique set of skills essential for a thriving pet care business. Whether it's the seasoned dog walkers or our committed admin and marketing experts, everyone shares a common goal - to ensure that experiences with us, are positive and enriching for both pets, and their owners.

Katie Profile with Dog.jpg


Founder & Chief Pet Carer

Meet Katie, the animal enthusiast with a lifetime of enchanting tales from the world of paws, feathers, and scales! With over a decade working at the RSPCA, including five years as an Inspector and Ambulance Officer, and time with the Queensland Police Force, Katie's not just your ordinary pet sitter – she's an expert when it comes to all creatures great and small.

From meds to fetch, Katie's repertoire is as diverse as the Northern Rivers landscape she calls home. Her touch extends beyond pets, ensuring your house feels alive and secure while you're away – think watering plants, fetching mail, and adding a sense of security.

Whether large or small, domestic or wild, Katie's the guardian angel they never knew they needed. From Goonellabah to Lismore, Alstonville to Ballina, and the charming villages that surround these, she's the go-to guru for all dog walking, pet sitting, and even pet taxi-ing in the Northern Rivers.

Curious to know more? Click here for a breakdown of Katie's qualifications and skillset.



All-Round Animal Expert

Meet Luis, the animal lover with a heart as vast as the playground of experiences he brings to our pet-loving escapades. Diving into the world of dog walking and pet sitting, Luis doesn't just add warmth and care - he brings a treasure trove of animal tales and customer service experience.

Luis's love for animals started as a young child, but it was his journey to Australia that ignited his passion for animal welfare. Whilst studying, Luis became a volunteer with the RSPCA Inspectorate, rescuing cats from unusual hideouts, liberating horses and cows from tight spots, and championing the cause of kindness for all creatures.


His journey involved witnessing and assisting with many animal cruelty cases, further fuelling his commitment to animal welfare.

With a diverse training background and a heart big enough for every animal, Luis has been a vital part of I Care 4 Your Pets since May 2022. His favourite perk? Witnessing the joyous faces of the animals he cares for and basking in the genuine love and care from their devoted guardians during the meet and greets. 

Tess and Cyrus_edited.jpg


Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Tess, the sponsorship and marketing maestro behind the scenes of Katie's animal kingdom! Tess supports Katie with her website design, email campaigns, social media content, and our sponsorship giveaways. Her role is like the fairy godmother of the pet care world, making sure Katie's big business ideas sparkle in the digital realm.

Tess thrives on assisting Katie with her booming animal business, helping turn each marketing puzzle into a triumph. She brings the perfect blend of passion for animals and marketing expertise, making sure I Care 4 Your Pets shines as bright as a Northern Rivers sunrise.

Growing up on a farm in the heart of the Northern Rivers, Tess's childhood was a symphony of animal companions. Interestingly though, Tess and Katie's paths crossed not in the Northern Rivers but in Brisbane over 15 years ago, both working their magic at the RSPCA – Tess in the marketing department and Katie as part of the Inspectorate. Fate brought them together, and now, Tess supports Katie to make waves once again, in the world of animal care.


Communication and Administration Coordinator

Meet Niki, the warm and welcoming voice at I Care 4 Your Pets – the person you'll enjoy chatting with to ensure your pets receive the best possible care! Niki's dedication to your pets' health and happiness shines through every conversation, email, and social interaction.

Niki brings a wealth of knowledge in administration; currently serving as an Administration Officer for the NSW Public Schools Education Office, and boasting over two decades of valuable customer service experience.

Her life has been blessed with the company of guinea pigs, rabbits, and birds. The standout among them, a German Shepherd X Rottweiler, a beloved memory that still holds a special place in her heart 25 years later. Niki's home is now shared with resident pythons, a backyard koala, and daily visits from native birds, creating a comforting haven alongside her seven human children.

Juggling the responsibilities of work and motherhood, Niki looks forward to finding the perfect pet to complement her family. In the meantime, she takes joy in hearing your stories about your pets, ensuring each animal in our care receives the attention and care they deserve. 

Staff member Niki
I Care 4 Your Pets Staff.png


Experienced Dog walker and Pet Sitter Extraordinaire

Get ready for a tail-wagging experience like never before, as we gear up to introduce our newest pack member, an Experienced Dog Walker and Pet Sitter Extraordinaire! At I Care 4 Your Pets, we believe in offering nothing but the best for your fur babies, and our latest recruit will be no exception.

Why settle for anything less than extraordinary? Our team is handpicked to ensure that every client receives unparalleled care and attention. We don't just hire pet sitters; we enlist pet whisperers, adventurers, and playtime extraordinaires who are ready to turn each visit into a joyous escapade for your beloved companions.

Our upcoming pet enthusiast will bring a wealth of experience and a heart full of love for all creatures great and small. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood or an engaging play session in your backyard, our team member will come poised to make every moment memorable for your pets.


Stay tuned as we unveil the guardian of wagging tails and the maestro of happy purrs – because your pets deserve nothing short of extraordinary care!

Andres and Jack


Meet Andres and Jack, the dynamic duo who are integral to why Katie does what she does. As the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) and CFO (Chief Fun Officer), these brilliant boys play a vital role in the animal-loving escapades that unfold under their watchful eyes.

These pint-sized ambassadors of joy have been essential in our training with assistance dogs. Through their kindness and gentleness, they help these dogs become comfortable with children, ensuring they go on to pass their Assistance Training. Andres and Jack also host and care for small pets like rats, birds, and rabbits, often bringing their beloved bird Charlie, silk worms, chickens, and stick insects to school for show and tell. Together these boys embody the spirit of kindness for all animals.

Andres dreams of becoming an animal policeman, just like his mum, while Jack, still undecided about his future, carries the torch of kindness in his heart.

Their favourite part of working for I Care 4 Your Pets? Showering the animals with treats, embarking on exciting adventures, and indulging in playful moments. Spot them out walking an assistance dog or two with the team, and be sure to give them a wave and a well-deserved shoutout for their fantastic job caring for pets. 

Andres and Jack.jpg
Foster dog helpers_edited.png

Bella and Katinka

Canine Comfort Champions

Say hello to Bella and Katinka, two extraordinary souls rescued from the depths of adversity by the RSPCA, who have blossomed into the resilient and heartwarming duo that today graces our team.


Bella, a cruelty case once on the brink of starvation and near blindness, underwent a transformative journey of weight gain and multiple eye surgeries, emerging with a newfound zest for life. Katinka, discovered abandoned, faced early deformities that demanded full hip and knee reconstruction. With 650+ days of care and a legal victory in their past, these courageous canines found their forever home with Katie.

As essential members of the I Care 4 Your Pets team, Bella and Katinka offer more than just play – they provide comfort, reassurance, and support to dogs who've faced trauma. Exemplary role models, they've fostered litters and cared for cruelty cases, offering the extra loving support often needed.

Joining our furry pack on social adventures to the beach, dog parks and walks, these senior girls are an inspiration. If you spot us out and about, give Bella and Katinka a big pat – they have been through a lot, and their beautiful souls make a difference every single day.

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